Deductions Management is an online software application that gives you visibility to the deductions made from your customer’s invoice payments and validates those deductions using multiple data sources. Drive efficiencies in your claims management process through data automation, intelligent validation algorithms, streamlined workflow, and improved customer settlement.


Triangulation of data:

Triangulation of data is at the heart of our Deductions management solution; capturing multiple data sources and tying them back to claims, purchase orders and shipments. The value in the solution is the intelligent validation algorithms and workflow which open up new ways of looking at the data and working to fix incorrect claims and prevent future claims through root cause analytics and robust research tools.


Workload prioritization:

Intelligent validation algorithms help you prioritize and focus on those items that should be disputed based on the auto calculation of the disputable claim value.


Review in bulk:

Our workflow allows you to effectively review and approve the deductions either individually or in bulk.


Repeatable processes:

The built in workflow processes mean processes are transferable, removing the reliance on a single person’s individual knowledge.