Deductions Management enables effective identification and resolution of invoices and payment anomalies Drive efficiencies with the Rock Solid Management Deductions solution, a hosted platform that automates manual processing, streamlines workflow, and improves customer settlement


Triangulation of data:

triangulation of data is at the heart of our Deductions management solution; capturing the check detail and tying it back to claims, purchase orders and validating shipments. The value in the solution is having this data tied together which opens up a new way of looking at the data and working with it to prevent future claims vs. spending time researching and validating existing ones.


Workload prioritization:

the auto calculation of the disputable claim value and sorting ad filtering of triangulated data results in the biggest opportunities being prioritized for you.


Review in bulk:

Our workflow allows you to effectively review and approve the deductions either individually or in bulk.


Repeatable processes:

The built in workflow processes mean processes are transferable removing the reliance on individual people’s knowledge.