Guided space planning automation software for retailers and suppliers

Shelf IQ

Guided Space Planning Automation Software for Retailers and Suppliers

Shelf IQ is a supplemental add-on to the JDA Space Planning solution. Designed to help retailers and suppliers refine their planograms for greater efficiency and precision, Shelf IQ enhances productivity by enabling users to automate the most repetitive aspects of the programming process. Additionally, this innovative software offers in-depth analysis tools that provide planning insights, which lead to more intelligent shelf-planning.


Space Automation Magic

Create interactive tasks, guided automation, and free-form automation all through a versatile, easy-to-use interface.


AnalyzeExamine labels, tables, charts, and interactive graphs to make data-informed placement decisions.


Create a visual dashboard to see the suggested changes to your planogram.


Assist users through the process of reviewing planograms and automating corrections.


Complete bulk item swaps, remove deleted items, and implement new item placement all within your planogram.

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